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Ruby's Diary

Ruby's Diary explores her friendship with Kate, which began their first year in high school when Kate moved to Ohio from New York. Written in three installments, Ruby's Diary provides a window into the girls' hopes, dreams, trials, and tribulations. In Part I, Ruby focuses on the start of their senior year, when the choices she and Kate make ultimately determine the women they will become. 

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Graciela Kenig is a writer with extensive experience as a features journalist, online forum contributor, and careers columnist. THE PLANS THEY MADE is her first novel. Born in Argentina, she lives in Chicago with her husband.

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Here's what readers say about

The Plans They Made:


  • I devoured this book!

  • Kept me on the edge of my seat

  • SUPERB writing, gripping, fascinating story

  • Engaged all the way!



Her best friend is dead. A terrorist cell threatens to bomb London. Can an American journalist save hundreds of lives?

Kate Brennan is devastated. After months of planning a reunion in London, the Chicago-based, award-winning investigative reporter turned novelist is shattered to learn that her dearest friend is dead. But when she realizes that the circumstances are suspicious—and that even looking into them could imperil her own life—she feels compelled to act.

Teaming up with a man who knew her friend, Kate embarks on the most extraordinary and hair-raising fact-finding mission of her life. With a terrorist cell stalking her every move and under the constant threat of suicide bombings, she fears both she and hundreds of people are about to run out of time. Can Kate outfox the terrorists and save their targets from certain doom? Or will she die along with them, never getting justice for her best friend?


THE PLANS THEY MADE is a pulse pounding international thriller that will keep you turning pages until the very end.

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